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Developing Communication Skills

Posted on December 3, 2021 by Christoper Breuninger

A conversation where someone looks you in the eyes because you're speaking and asks great questions which make you feel like they have a real interest in you, makes you feel appreciated, acknowledged, and overall engaged in life. Individuals using these conversation skills are the sort of people who are sought out. Not because we like to talk about ourselves, but because they make it easy and enjoyable to converse.

So, how can you become a terrific conversationalist? How do you become someone someone seeks out? It isn't hard, it just takes practice and determination and a willingness to put others above yourself. .

Here are a few tips...

Ask questions.

The accent in a conversation ought to be learning more about another person. Ask a question and"Listen" to the response. Do not interrupt. Watch them light up as you show them someone hears and cares.

Focus on the agenda.

Every conversation has one, be it professional or personal. You make small talk, hoping to meet somebody new. Everything you say reflects your objective. But yours is not the only agenda on the table. Those you interact with have their own targets. Listen carefully and you will identify them. Then, and only then, can the true conversation begin.

Listen with your own body.

Turn your body toward another person. Stand or sit as a relaxed position as you can.

Use facial expressions to make them feel comfortable.

As appropriate and as sincerely as possible, smile, tilt your head, seem concerned, etc.. To put it differently, do not stand there granite-faced. Assessing the mood of others guarantees them that you hear what they are saying, verbally and emotionally.

Keep good eye contact.

Do not see people walking or check your watch. Another person will grab you and know you are not really listening. Have a rest now and then so that your eyes do not bore to them, but stay focused.