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Learn To Listen

Posted on August 16, 2021 by Christoper Breuninger

We constantly hear about communication being the key in a relationship. If we're constantly talking and not listening, then communication becomes meaningless.

It is difficult to hear what somebody else is saying, particularly when our feelings, ideas and opinions are different. Here are 3 reasons why learning to listen to benefits our relationships.

1. Shows Respect - When having a conversation, listening to another person shows that you respect what they're saying. Even if we disagree with what is being said, we need to respect their ideas and feelings.

2. Helps Us To Know - It is tough to understand what somebody is attempting to tell us if we are not listening. Listening helps to understand why somebody is feeling a particular way. Once we know, we can proceed with the situation and take the actions needed.

3. Helps To Be Approachable - In relationships, it is important for a person to feel that they could talk to us about anything. Learning how to listen can help others feel comfortable approaching us any time that they want or wish to go over something. We're going to have a more open and healthy relationship if we're approachable.

We would like others to respect, understand and be approachable to us right? Work on learning how to listen to and watch your relationships grow in positive ways.